My Story

I grew up in Burnt Hills, a small town located near Saratoga Springs in upstate New York. As a child I often loved to draw and create crazy pieces of art both in and out of school. Always fascinated by the visuals of movies and video games, my appreciation for the digital arts grew. Without any other siblings in the house, I was often free to do what I pleased, and spent many hours during my youth indoors playing video games, as well as going outdoors to do things like skiing (water and downhill), sailing, and hunting.

Towards the end of high school, I still wasn't sure what kind of degree I wanted to pursue at college. I did well in school, but liked the idea of game design, engineering, and video production. I enjoyed all the hands on classes in school but also excelled at my math and science classes. It seemed like it would be a good choice to pursue a degree in engineering. Upon being accepted to Clarkson University, I entered school as a Mechanical Engineering major with a frown on his face. From day one, something felt off. After much pondering and many hardships, I changed his major to Chemistry, as I was doing well in all my Chemistry related classes. However it still felt off.

I ended up changing my major once more, and in May 2017, I graduated from Clarkson with a BAS in Communication. The third time's the charm, as the saying goes. While pursuing my degree in communications, I was able to have much more freedom both in my courses and outside of school life. I always enjoyed making movies in my free time and playing around with cameras. I found that communications encompasses elements of film making and photography to allow me to do what I finally wanted to do. I am now much happier than I could have hoped for in school, and am currently living with my amazing fiance, Christina, who also graduated from Clarkson with two Bachelor's degrees; one in Biomolecular Science and other in Mathematics. Since Graduation we have both moved to Memphis, TN where Christina is pursuing her Ph.D. and I am currently a cinematographer and editor for Message in a Bottle Productions.